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Welcome to the City of Bones and Roses

Looking for your next romantic fairytale retelling?

Chapter 1 - AnsaUnlocking Fire
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What if Bluebeard was a mad scientist,

His bride an explosive mage,

And the one who could help only looking for a distraction?

What if Cinderella was a thief,

The fairy godmother evil,

And the prince only after revenge?

Audiobook coming soon!

Looking for something darker?

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"A powerful fantasy character drama that is still unquestionably human."
Editor's Weekly

The Last Spiritwalker

Are you looking for a dark road trip fantasy?


When abused NYC housewife Ev takes her daughter and runs just before Christmas she does not know where she is going, but others are already pulling her strings

Meet Vodun gods, Papuan magicians, the ruler of the Parisian catacombs, and many more monsters and myths

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Short stories and micro fiction

The Price of a First-Born

The Elevating Power of Art

'Til Death Do Us Apart

A Quarter-Pound of Flesh

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Til Death Do Us Apart_edited.jpg

Timeless 2

The Drabble

NYC Midnight

During the 1850s gold rush, Johanna trades her infant to the Devil for safe travels and wealth

A fairytale retelling

A last-minute heist allows common burglar Ricky the chance to live out his dream of joining the elegant world of art crime.

"Ghosting someone is not the same when you're basically dead..."

NYC Midnight 250-word Micro Fiction Winner 2021

"When the chills shake her teeth despite the sun scorching the metal roof above, Almeda..."


#1 out of 5,400+ stories!

The List

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Gingerbread House Literary Magazine

Verðandi of the Present

Hexagon 11_Winter 2022 Extra Low-res.png

Hexagon SF Magazine

"The doors of the store you pass every day but never noticed before slide open. You’re welcomed by delicate pastels shining in greeting..."

A journey from a parking lot to the halls of Asgard in search of answers following a premonition of doom

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Liv Strom is a Swiss-Swedish writer of stories often featuring the impossible, strong women, mythology and, according to some, humour. When not writing she reorganises things and companies, drinks copious amounts of tea, reads (almost) anything she can get her hands on, and raises her three kids

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